Jobs and Our Economy

I believe in boosting the U.S. economy by supporting workers, small business, and entrepreneurs, strengthening public education, and by making sure that corporations and Wall Street pay their fair share.


All people who work should be able to make a living wage and so I support an increase in the minimum wage to $15 for adult workers with a sliding scale minimum wage for workers under 21 years of age.  I also stand against any union-busting policy. As a teacher, I fully appreciate the significance of unions and associations in promoting better salaries and working conditions through negotiations with employers.  We must also ensure that women earn equal pay for equal work no matter what profession they choose.


Strengthening our public schools will boost local economic growth by providing a better educated workforce for employers to hire.  Fort Worth ISD reaches out to local business owners to partner with district initiatives because they recognize that good education is good for business.  Districts across the nation are also working local community colleges because they recognize how difficult it has become for students to get into and pay for higher education. We must address the fact that an entire generation is being priced out of a college degree by making congress work for the people instead of corporations and make public college tuition free for all. Our national economic policy will be bolstered by a recommitment to a strong public education.


Both sides of my family have a legacy of small business owners from barber shops and electronics repair to restaurants and music stores. Small businesses form the backbone of our economy and support a strong middle class. Our government should be making policies that support small business over big business. All too often, our legislators focus on tax cuts and incentives for big corporations who don’t do turn those savings into better pay for their workers or more jobs. I will fight for tax cuts and incentives for entrepreneurs and small business that create more jobs for Americans as they grow.


Corporations have lobbied congress for corporate welfare for far too long. It’s time to end massive tax cuts to multibillion dollar corporations and make them pay their fair share. We need to reinvest the money we take back when we cut corporate welfare into schools, small businesses and entrepreneurs. That is how we will build a sustainable economy that involves all Americans.

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