Protecting Our Democracy

Americans across the nation are tired of politics as usual because our government has strayed from the fundamental principles of democracy. Every American has the right to liberty, equal treatment under the law, and the ability to exercise political power through their vote. Our congressional districts are so severely gerrymandered that the voting power of Americans have been diluted. Politicians are picking their voters instead of voters electing people who represent them. I will work to ensure we craft independent redistricting commissions that are non-partisan and transparent about their process in drawing district lines. I will also fight against all voter suppression efforts and instead seek to make it easier for people to exercise their right to vote.


I believe strongly in separation of corporation and state. I will not take money from corporate PACs because far too many elected officials consider how their vote will impact the corporations that fund their campaigns before they think about the people who they were elected to represent. A personal commitment from me doesn’t go far enough. We all assume that politics and dirty money go hand in hand because it’s the way it has been for decades. I will fight for publically funded elections and an end to corporations buying our elections.

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