I’m ready to listen and to act for Texans and Americans. Together we must enact policies that give every person in our great nation equal opportunity to pursue liberty, health, and happiness. I’m ready to tear down the barriers to freedom so that individuals can be their best selves and live their lives to the fullest. 

I believe that our children deserve to be loved and encouraged regardless of their gender, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, level of income, or immigration status. We all deserve that. As human beings, we are born with inherent dignity and worth, but there are societal roadblocks that keep many of us from achieving all that we are capable of in our pursuit of liberty and happiness. I support all efforts to tear down these barriers. 

Protecting Our Democracy

I believe strongly in separation of corporation and state. I will not take money from corporate PACs because far too many elected officials consider how their vote will impact the corporations that fund their campaigns before they think about the people who they were elected to represent


  • Eliminate high-stakes standardized testing

  • Encourage better educational experiences through smaller class sizes and more time for teacher planning and collaboration

  • Advocate for more attractive teacher salaries that will entice our best and brightest teachers to inspire the next generation

  • Ensure college level education is accessible for anyone who wants to pursue it


  • Achieve affordable healthcare for all people

  • Fight repeal of the Affordable Care Act

  • Focus on healthcare that serves the interests of citizens over the profits of insurance companies

The Environment

  • Educate citizens about the reality of climate change and everyday efforts they can take to combat it

  • Support bills that slow climate change and encourage stewardship of natural resources

  • Pursue policies that are both good for business and good for the planet


  • Pursue immigration policy that values hardworking immigrants, their families, and their contribution to our communities

  • Seek common ground across party lines that highlight our shared values over our differences

  • Fight for immigration policy that honors the inherent dignity and worth of immigrants as human beings

Jobs and Our Economy

I believe in boosting the U.S. economy by supporting workers, small business, and entrepreneurs, strengthening public education, and by making sure that corporations and Wall Street pay their fair share. 

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Criminal Justice Reform

  • Pursue policies that support officers protecting all people in their care and remove officers clearly abusing their position of power

  • Work to provide good counsel for all nonviolent offenders regardless of income

Women’s Rights

  • Pursue policies that guarantee equal rights and equal pay for women

  • Secure guaranteed parental and medical leave, mandatory sick days, and affordable childcare for women and men in the workplace

  • Ensure protections for women from domestic violence, sexual harassment, and sex trafficking

  • Fight to ensure easy access to free birth control for all women and women’s rights to control their own bodies

LGBTQ+ Rights

I'm committed to pursuing legislation that guarantees equal rights to and affirms the dignity of every member of the LGBTQ+ community

Military Service Members and Veterans

  • Seek better compensation for active and reserve military service members

  • Support legislation to fully fund the VA, opposing Trump’s attempts at privatization

  • Fight for increased support of veterans facing unemployment, homelessness, and illness

Social Security and Medicare

  • Fight cuts to Social Security and Medicare, working instead to create solutions for long-term solvency

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